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Strangely, I wasn't thinking of Magnus... With Convoy, Takara can wheel that mould out for years - sure, if they want to they can add a gun or a trailer or that ****ing axe (One episode, people! For about five minutes! And he lost!) or a Matrix, but they can still just keeping putting that one out. Magnus was just a test of how stupid fans were (the answer being "pretty stupid, but not quite that stupid").

Trypticon? It'd need Mondo Resculptino (as the Welsh would say) to as not to look like Grimlock's evil brother, Kcolmirg.

It'd be nice if it was Grimlock, don't get me wrong, as I still think the character's owed a really good toy (The G1 one is good, aside from the tiny head)... I just remain skeptical regarding Takara throwing genuine money at a new MP mould.
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