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Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
Strangely, I wasn't thinking of Magnus... With Convoy, Takara can wheel that mould out for years - sure, if they want to they can add a gun or a trailer or that ****ing axe (One episode, people! For about five minutes! And he lost!) or a Matrix, but they can still just keeping putting that one out. Magnus was just a test of how stupid fans were (the answer being "pretty stupid, but not quite that stupid").
I'm genuinely stunned we haven't seen a black version yet.

Black Convoy/Nemesis Prime is a great example of the "hey, it went down really well the first time we did it, so let's just recycle the idea ad infinitum until people latch on" mentality that seems to have existed in the franchise for most of this decade (cf Megatron becoming Galvatron three times in the same continuity, Constant Unicron, endless Minicon recolours, everything eHobby have produced, most of Binaltech... hell, even Animated is essentially a Greatest Hits Remixed album)
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