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Not like Megs is an obvious candidate for mould reuse either, even if the seekers were.
No, but he's a genuinely well-known character, one of the few. And like Convoy (albeit to a lesser extent) he can be wheeled out again and again whenever something sparks a domestic interest in G1. It's possible Takara will treat MP like Bandai treat Soul of Chogokin, with the most popular characters reissued every couple of years - maybe with some changes, maybe not.

I remember hearing somewhere the Dinobots weren't particularly popular (they only got cartoon continuity stuff, after all) in Japan... Not sure whether that's bollocks, or just someone grasping at strwas as to the lack of reissues before everyone started realising Takara had only bothered taking care of half of the moulds.

EDIT: And Binaltech, for me, is the ultimate indication of Takara not knowing when to stop... If the line had been six unique figures, it'd be unforgettable. As it was, things got strung out, 'new' moulds were only slight variations (Subaru and Mazda, for example), there were some really pathetic choices in there and hardly anyone cared by the end.

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