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Eventual Combination!
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Exclamation Thread of outstanding TF sales & deals!

Hasbro Toy Shop knocks several TFs down to $10 each:

Plus, take an extra 25% off orders of $50 or more with code "holiday25".

Double-Plus, orders of $50 or more (after discounts) ship for free!

The figures, all as low as $7.50 with sale and discount:

Voyager Bulkhead
Voyager Grimlock
Voyager Lugnut
Battle Begins Optimus vs Megs

Ultra Silverbolt
Voyager Heavyload

Voyager Rescue Ratchet
Voyager T-cracker
Voyager Megs
Screen Battles B-Bee Capture
Screen Battles 1st Encounter
Turnaround Unleased Megs
Cyberstomp B-bee
Cyberstomp Optimus
B-Bee Blaster
Ratchet Blaster

The "$10 Deal of the Day" name implies the sale is today only.

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