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Eventual Combination!
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Originally Posted by Notabot View Post
Awesome! Thanks for the heads up!
It seems the "holiday25" works even if you're below $50. Nice!
Glad to be of service.

Originally Posted by Notabot View Post
EDIT: Looks like the free shipping doesn't apply when you use the holiday25 code, so try both to see what gives you the best deal.
If you want both, your total AFTER the 25% off still has to be $50+ for the free shipping. So your pre-coupon total has to be like... $67, i think.

EDIT: Yup, i tried it again and that does let you get both discounts. and you can use non-sale items to add up to the $67+ mark (if you dont need many of the $10 figures). I used a 25th Ann'y Optimus and it came out to $56.16 shipped free.

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