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Default US release of the PVC's?

I thought I'd just throw this up in here for those that haven't read about it yet.

The following paragraph is from Ben Yee over at

"3/26/02 - 2 inch figures?!
Following a lead by ctek721, I called up Hasbro
and found out that due out soon (meaning they are
already in distribution warehouses) are "2 inch figures"
of the following characters: Optimus Prime, Megatron,
Starscream, Ultra Magnus, Skywarp, Thundercracker and
Arcee! It is possible that these may be Japanese PVC's
being brought over to the US, but no word on that until
these appear in stores. The Hasbro rep told me that these
are supposed to retail for $5. She also mentioned there are
three listings for Optimus Prime: Regular, "Apex Armor" and
Firestorm. Could this be Ginrai repackaged? We'll wait and
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