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Dude just two thingies:

1: Never trust Bay.

SPOILER! (select to read)
about those Autobots visiting Earth before must be fake because they didn't even know about Earth's excistence until Bee arrived there in search for the cube. That was after The Fallen was created and turned evil as I heard from Tramp. So Autobots visting Earth before is a lie unless it has been used to be known about by the ancestors of Prime and his fellows, but that the knowledgde was lost. Also if The Fallen was indeed send to Earth a real long time ago it would be a great to serve as his jail. I mean back then Earth was just a globe with Magma everywere only to be hold togeter by gravity. As we all know have Transformers a great weakness to exteme heat (Looks at Scorpy, Black 'n Brawl) so with that view it would be a good explanation for sending The Fallen to Earth, according to me.

Feel as usual always free to correct me.
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