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Originally Posted by Rattrap's tail View Post
Please allow me to introduce you to Armada Skywarp, packed with two missiles, a sword with JOINTS in it and his only plus point: minicon Thunderclash. It is is the ugliest and worst seeker mold ever. No movie-ish Skywarp could ever beat that in terms of being the worst.
No need to introduce us, we are well acquainted.

Although I am finally selling the figure, I am quite partial to him.

Personal opinions are incredibly varied in the world of Transformers (and, I expect, with everything else!).

But, erm, yes - that jointed sword was an eyesore. The things which really got me about it were the way it split up the Decepticon insignia, and the fact it left Skywarp lop-sided, without another wing. However, all of Armada Skywarp's failings were shared with the other Armada Seekers, and, in fact, he was one-up with a far superior (and appropriate!) Mini-Con, and (again, my opinion) better head sculpt.

In this case (i.e. Movie Starscream, G1 Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp and Ramjet), the mould does not work with the colourscheme chosen for Skywarp, Thundercracker and G1 Starscream, but does work for Movie Starscream and (oddly, given, in my opinion, it does not work for the other G1 inspired repaints) G1 Ramjet.


(I must just have bizarre taste! )
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