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Life is.. So unpredictable..
The mini-apple.

wreckage recolor is kinda cool.. but it may not persuade me to get it.
The motorcycle seems to be a decent toy, but the head, and colors are kinda ugly. Probably get it.
Wish Rollbar was.. Ironhide.. Has his r.i.d. steer-head is on it (kinda). and his repaint movie toy was blue.. still has visor.. Looks cool IMO I want it.
The fork lift is neat, probably get that. Dirt Boss is a ghey name... always has been...WHICH reminds me.. His name in Japan (from armada, and all his re-releases that werent color/name changed) isn't Dirt Boss its Drift.. So IDW.. Drift isn't new or exclusive or toyless... If this toy was scrapper, I wouldn't mind.
Kinda not digging that disgusting dead-end. gonna pass on it.
When they made the Thundercracker, and Starscream w/ new heads ,they looked good, and Ramjet looks decent,as does Skywarp, but..
As much as I like to get jet sets, movie jets are just to ugly for me to look at or buy.
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