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Life is.. So unpredictable..
The mini-apple.
Default Covers spoiler mentions from initial post.

SPOILER! (select to read)
Springer, man ****.. I almost cried.. that toy is the SUX..Ugly as sin
Soundwave Is pretty decent looking, one of the best heads they have EVER had, next to wreckage..Meantime,Midnighter,Photon,and Spy Shot from 1st movie real gears, are all total win terms of decent heads..
Jetfire (legends) is kinda interesting, but the arms are so thin and lame, and rumor has it hes the gimpy old robot, which explains the hunched over look, and (as someone pointed out) he has what appears to be a beard. I thought it was fangs, and he was like a monster-bot thing.. i guess we see. And yeah, as much as I applaude them engineering an energon-ish combination for legends prime / jetfire.. I HOPE,, and Pray.. its a little more intricate and badass looking in the movie...but what am I saying I guess it does have sorta that 80s giant robot cheese jet pack goin on..
w/e to tank megatron.
Jolt is tiny, his head.. isnt bad after seeing better pics. Pretty menacing.. fer an autobot? the size is kinda cute in a activator bumblebee sorta way..


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