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Barricade is presumably still hiding because there's no news on the guy.
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To be honest, I don't even want him to become a R8. If he has some kind of taste he should take the form of a Lamborghini if you tell me.
not true at all... barricades car (plus stunt doubles) was seen at the start of filming being moved around on the back of a trailer, along with prime's truck. presumably he appears in this form, even if only briefly. maybe a flasback, who knows? there were pictures on a blog somewhere. hardly seems worth the hastle moving three cars on the back of a flatbed purely for the heck of it (as the move wasn't publicised).

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and isnt the aero-x on the cover of one of the IDW movie-related comics? or was that another concept car? hardly proof of movie inclusion, unless its the adaptation and not prequel/sequel, but make of it what you will.


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