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The thing with Devastator is, if the rumors are true, he'll be multiple colors (Yellow, Red, Green) and IF he is, odds are we'll see a Green and Purple repaint somewhere down the line... Of course, I'm the same person who thought we'd see a G1 Ironhide Repaint.
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Yeah, a green/purple variant of the toy- given Devastator is multi-coloured in the film- wouldn't shock at all. No Ironhide G1 repaint, I was expecting that a bit as well. Still possible though...

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Dirt Boss (yes, that's his name) in packaging:
Random comment- nice to see more and more Transformers packaged in robot mode.

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Dirt Boss? F*** it. I'm not buying that unless it is part of Dev. The name put me right off.

Just curious, is this your only criteria?

Transformers is chock full of stupid names. "Dirt Boss" is a far cry from the worst. Cliffjumper's opinion of ugly is a feasible reason to pass. I don't buy ugly toys, but I did buy a decent Alternator with a stupid name and call him Shockwave.

Dirt Boss is probably one of the easiest Transformers to call whatever you wanna call him anyway, because his 'canon' will likely be limited to his card bio.

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And he's clearly based on a game character named Scrapper, IIRC. Which makes me wonder if the rename to Dirt Boss is due to another character using the name Scrapper, one who actually appears in the movie?

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