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THE definition of 'more money than sense'
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please see above
Red face


the official Skywarp PVC's aren't numbered

I spent $400 on one


I think I deserve some sort of a medal


My will;

I leave the following to the following or something;

1. My Original Skywarp PVC to Lordsixshot

2. My sideburns to Jetfire

3. My muppet collection to Brendocon

4. My 'lurve guide' and my 'little black book of ladies' to Starscreamsghost

5. A personally autographed life size picture of me to Claypool

6. A 6x4 photo of me to each of the other archive members

7. My wisdom to Stuart Denyer

8. and finally, I leave Getaway to Addl

9. and as for Skywarp, he can take anything he likes!

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