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indeed, we have a superbowl trailer! feb 1st (isn't that a bit late for the superbowl? i thought it was normally mid-late january?).

i'll be staying up to watch (and we'll see if i can NOT fall asleep at the end of the third quarter *again*), not that we get the american adverts or anything over here

hopefully yahoo (or whoever) will get an official version up at much the same time (didn't they have that exclusive version the last time round with cullens voice at the end? wonder if they'll do something similar this time round?)

as reported on seibertron (can you tell i've added their news feed to my reader?) i'd link, but it really doesn't tell you anything more than that.

EDIT: for link, see secretcodes post two after mine. my apologies, but i only had the aforementioned seibertron rss feed. and i was tired. do i get lines, or should i go straight to the headmasters office?

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