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It's probably totally rediculous and all, but I see a similarity between 'The Fallen' on the poster, and the Jetfire Legends mould. There's those flanges enamating from the head, and all. (Image) Probably nonsense, and all - maybe it's a theme, or coincidence. Clearly, the Legends Class mould doesn't bear a huge resemblance to the archaic style and Decepticon logo shown on the poster! It would be nice to actually have The Fallen in the film, as is suggested!
SPOILER! (select to read)
indeed - it was the side grills that did it for me. and although the faces themselves aren't that similar, the legends class jetfire mold head does have some similarity to other earlier non-movie renditions of the fallen (i'm thinking the mouthguard grill). assuming some kind of intentional design homage, it makes me think the two are 'related' or share a common background. which might make sense, given what (little) we know about jetfire in rotf so far

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