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Default Okay then, this is stupid.

REALLY stupid.

Alleged rumors on the plot, and most are easily debunked.

… a friend of mine works for a company that's licensing some merchandise for ROTF and told me a few things that he's seen for the upcoming film, including some early CGI stuff etc.
SPOILER! (select to read)

- The film opens with the US Military teaming up with the Autobots, who are the military vehicles, to hunt down rogue Decepticons. Springer is one of them, and this is the part in China.
- Wheels/Wheelie is a blue remote control car and very small Transformer. He discovers Jetfire at the museum by driving underneath him and seeing the Decepticon symbol. (This at least fits description of what was filmed at Udvar-Hazy.)
- There's a seen where Alice pins Sam to the bed, and a tail with a hypodermic on it cones out of her back. She also has a giant tongue, apparently. Should keep the Kiss play fans happy! (Something to add to the Ravage as Pretender rumor.)
- The twins are important characters who fight each other a lot and can combine. (Might explain the split ice cream truck.)
- Devastator looks like a gorilla, and has the cement mixer drum in the centre of his chest, which he can use as a weapon.
- Possibly Superion as an autobot combiner, but he was a little vague on this. (Nope, the toy is just a repaint, not part of the movie.)
- Megatron hasn't been in any of the film licensing stuff, just the toys. (Matches Bay's words on the subject.)
- He saw a Decepticon Hot Rod model, but he's convinced that was part of the disinfo campaign. (Or just a another non-movie character toy for the toy line.)
Basically just another simple case of "HE TELL ME".
SPOILER! (select to read)
The Springer thing sounds a bit odd, just trying to justify the legends mold... And considering there were no Ospreys on the set in China.

The Wheels thing is more or less confirmed already, mainly due to earlier set reports.

Ravage is entirely possible... Same with Devastator.

Superion... I don't even have to say anything about that.

Megatron seems to be Bay reaching in and "MISINFORMING" everyone. This rumor is still highly debated, mainly due to the CGI renders and things we've already seen.

The Hot Rod thing probably ISN'T the character, just a vehicle type IF real.

More stuff:

SPOILER! (select to read)
In addition to the above, "Tawd" reports that someone he knows received some promotional material for Transformers 2 including the new official poster and that the Superbowl trailer is expected to air during halftime (not officially confirmed). In addition, to contradict Toadimus, he reports "that they're going to bring back Megatron and the Starscream/Megatron relationship will be more prominent than it was in the movie and much more like the G1 series. Also, it may be a three way brawl much like the Insecticons fighting Autobots and Decepticons and the Fallen will pose a threat to both sides." (No he isn't saying the Insecticons are in the movie, it is a G1 cartoon reference I believe.)
Yeah, MASSIVE contradiction.

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