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The RotF Trailer is the most watched Super Bowl commercial online. Higher than the G.I. Joe Trailer (Which I didn't know AIRED during the Super Bowl.) and Pepsi's annual ad.

#1: Transformers 2 Trailer - 3,674,500
#2: G.I. Joe Trailer - 1,681,896
#3: Pepsi: Stay Forever Young - 1,635,703

UPDATE: This is unique hits, otherwise there would be another 100 or so just from me.
So, RotF got, roughly, twice as many hits as the number 2 and 3 spots. Not too shabby at all. BTW, I read elsewhere that G.I. Joe had an arguably preferable time slot. I'm not into sports at all, but I understand that people tend to pay more attention to ads just before kickoff (where Joe laid) than, say, randomly placed ones at third quarter(RotF).

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Burger King has announced a "Revenge of the Fallen" promotion. And in other news, the King still is kinda creepy.
Gah! I have the set of their first movie kid's meal toys. (Thanks to a friend who worked there at the time. He also gave me a few neat pieces of promo type stuff, like a small poster of Bumblebee...) The Starscream and Scorponok ones make nifty li'l figurines but the rest were abominations. Not honestly expecting more this time, but if the kids get a kick out of them that's really all that matters...

And, yes, that King really freaks me out. Almost as much as those Quizno's singing spider monkey things...
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