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I said this way earlier about the hands lol. I know you kitbashers out there will go to ebay or whatnot to just get Unicron or Primus' hands lol.
Unicron or Primus hands would be HUGE on this mold. General leader class hands would be a bit more proportionate. (Wish I had a spare Leader with decent hands, now that I'm thinking about it...)

Originally Posted by TFVanguard View Post
It's pretty simple, really. Store exclusives for Transformers don't sell in the volume that warrants entirely new molds. Repaints are easily the best way to go. Retooling/remolding is a little more possible, but in this case, what are you going to retool from to get a space shuttle and jeep?
For Swindle, I'd personally submit either Energon Strongarm or Cybertron Swindle. (Strongarm seems a bit better for this, imo.) Just add some holes to peg the feet in and, here's the trick part, find someplace for the connection piece.

For Blast clue...

Originally Posted by NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE View Post
You'd think they'd at least swipe a Jet from the Superion set for Blast Off.
Good idea. Though that'd be THREE of that particular mold being used.

Originally Posted by Treadshot A1 View Post
Did they change Bruticus' transformation? Coz i remember the old one had the front of the missile truck on his back, not on his chest?
I always configure mine big boxy part front-of-truck part for Bruticus' chest. And I think that's the way the Energon instructions suggest.

Originally Posted by Blackjack View Post
Yeah. Methinks Swindle and Blast Off got their names and paintjobs switched. Poor Blast Off too. First toy in years, and ack.

I dunno. It seems like they were going for Swindle's and Blast Off's original limb placements. (And I've tried both tanks as legs but they're too wide for that.) IMHO, a tank with "Blast" in the name makes plenty of sense- but it's wrong for the character he's homaging.

Originally Posted by Starfield View Post
Do you think they will change any of the names for the Revenge of the Fallen release? It seems they might want to change at least Brawl's name.
Heh. I doubt it. Hasbro doesn't seem too worried lately about "oh noes! We've already used that name in this line!" After all, in Universe packaging this is the third Onslaught.
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