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Originally Posted by S_Windell View Post
Unicron or Primus hands would be HUGE on this mold. General leader class hands would be a bit more proportionate. (Wish I had a spare Leader with decent hands, now that I'm thinking about it...)

For Swindle, I'd personally submit either Energon Strongarm or Cybertron Swindle. (Strongarm seems a bit better for this, imo.) Just add some holes to peg the feet in and, here's the trick part, find someplace for the connection piece.

For Blast clue...
well, MP hands may be useful for a start...

And a remold of Energon Skyblast with some 'rocket booster' accessory, that's actually the connection port. Simple.

As for the port on Strongarm, you know the peg that holds his crane in place...?
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