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Originally Posted by secretcode View Post
BotCon Brochure:

And the box set is... Generation One Elite Guard titled "The Wings of Honor"! Featuring a young Autobot named Kup (Wait, What?), Thunderclash, Landshark and Flak, as well as the Evil Decepticon Scourge! No mold info has been given.

There are also three tours during Botcon.
- Weds, May 27- Universal Studios and Theme Park tour
- Thurs, May 28- "A Day in Hollywood" organized by the Botcon team.
- Fri, May 29- Visit to the Paramount Studios lot (There is a dress code)

Also, RotF toys will be available in bulk at BotCon.
wonder what mold kup will be?

i love how a dress code is specified. only in america.

rotf toys not a surprise... wave 0 is may 9th is anyway, and botcon area usually gets advance releases of whatever they next big thing is, like with animated last year.

i'm sure they'll be a reasonable two or three times r.r.p.... unless any of the dealers gets the packages signed by any guests, then start adding '0's to the end of the price (until sunday afternoon, that is, when they are desperate to unload stock so they can leave)

sorry, i'm not deliberately trying to sound negative. the movie lot tours sounds kinda cool. i'm jealous, honest!
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