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I plan on going to hang out and see whats on display, but I'm not interested in any of the tours, I've seen and done all that stuff before and I doubt the Botcon crew can make it somehow seem new and exciting. Especially a day in this point in my life its just like a day in any large town with lots of shops on the strip.

The box set doesn't sound that interesting to me either, which I'm really glad of that since I can't afford them this year anyway. It will be interesting to see what molds the use though, I was hoping we'd get some Animated molds used, but it doesn't sound like it.

EDIT: I'm even more shocked at the insane costs of everything involved with this convention after reading the brochure. All I have to say is this, anyone wanting a real tour of Hollywood can pay me the $65 and I'll take you the really interesting spots, because their tour plan sounds really lame to be perfectly honest.
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