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Less than meets the eye
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plenty of fun to be had with general admission. hint: get there early, the line really builds up. Most of the sets/exclusives will be on sale inside anyway, and you can get into almost all of the panels.

I hate tours and group activities anyway, i'd much rather just turn up and do my own thing, go to some of the panels etc, and save money on all that (and lets face it there's plenty of other stuff to spend money on inside). Plus I'm not a people person.

Last years was awesome, I never thought I'd get to go to any botcon, so being able to last year was huge for me. I greatly enjoyed bargain-hunting on the sunday, a couple of hours before closing time. got some great deals.

plus if you're travelling down, instead of doing the official tours, take the opportunity to do your own sightseeing. it's California, after all.

go, have fun. i'll be back the year after....
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