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Dang, well I need to get a few of these before they dissapear for good. I was hoping that this wouldnt happen, but having so many TF oriented lines on the shelfs at the same time, and also having animated season 3 coming on the air soon, and ROTF movie line coming out in a few months, I knew something was going to get the axe. They need to cancel that crappy SW/TF cross over line, and let animated run its course. They should have tried to get animated on the air in january and not wait to the spring to try and bring out season 3 and also the toys to go along with it.

When you have Transformers animated, SW/TF cross over line,Marvel/TF cross over lines, Universe, the '07 movie line, and you add in the new animated figures, and the ROTF toy line coming out soon, that is to much Transformer for me, and should have been spaced out more or something.
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