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I have words I'd like to say about this...but they're not FDA approved.

It also seems quite odd, since we've also had confirmation that the show starts again in march and have seen plenty of concept sketches for characters to appear in that season. We also have news of the release of exclusives and sightings of Samurai Prowl and Waspinator. Not to mention the pics of Arcee and Soundwav w/Ratbat. I just find it mind-boggling to cancel the line just when the next season is starting.

I've no doubt that ROTF figures will sell well, but they don't come out until the end of May, barring the two preview figures we know about. I haven't heard of any other Universe releases (though Inferno still hasn't hit my area), and if stores aren't stocking anymore Animated figures, what the hell is going to be on the shelves for the next three months (beside, obviously, whatever's shelfwarming now)?

The cancellation is obviously confirmed, so I wonder if they'll toss the last part of the line into Universe packaging, or at least continue the line in Universe?

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