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I'm definitely going to get Grimlock; however, the waiter tray, apron, and brain thingie are never seeing the light of day. You know, I have to admit that sometimes, I really do feel sorry for Takara-Tomy when it comes to these Masterpiece figures. Back when they were about ready to launch Starscream in the more realistic colors, fanboys/girls went utterly apeshit because he wasn't G1 enough. I have to wonder if TakTomy just said, "**** that shit," and just did Grimlock completely G1 cartoonish save for the crown and the eye color changing gimmick to avoid fanboy/girl's nearly incessant bitching.

I gotta admit though, I am almost tempted to get the Legends Wheelie just to recreate that scene.

The Alternity figures look really damn good. I mean really good. I'm almost tempted to get one of them, probably the blue one and wait and see if they come out with a different head so I can replace Meg's head with a Bluestreak or Smokescreen head. Not that I'm against Megatron being a car, it's that I just think other characters aside from the leaders would be nice and not overdone.
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