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Are there any other toy-lines Hasbro is cancelling? If so, it could be because of that damn financial crisis which is now raging across America. Or it could be one very strange move from Hasbro
Just the Indiana Jones line, from what I can tell, which shouldn't surprise anyone considering how poorly Crystal Skull was recieved (and how almost non-existant the 'new fan' draw was.)

It seems like, to me, Hasbro's wanting to put all their eggs into the movie basket this time with Transformers, but it's still weird. Universe is getting more attention, but Animated is being cancelled just a few months early? A bit bizzare.

If it was the recession, you would think Hasbro would push more economical product, though, and not all the ginormous toys to be found within the Revenge line. You would also think they would be damn sure to release toys they've already spent most of their cost on.

On the other hand, supplementing the line with more redecos and re-releases (Universe) would also make sense, and Universe is continuing...

I don't know, though, this move doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Hasbro's not being consistant.
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