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The cancellation is obviously confirmed, so I wonder if they'll toss the last part of the line into Universe packaging, or at least continue the line in Universe?
I could see that if they're "cancelling" Animated. If they already have these toys in the works, it would be a shame to not see them released. I don't know what the exact time span is for artwork-prototype-final version, but I thought it was fairly fast, meaning by the time we've seen some artwork on figs that are in the works, aren't they already working on moulds and 3D prototypes? Would seem like a terrible waste of time and effort (not that a lot of money has been dumped in, but if it's almost complete, why not put it out, especially if it's just a repaint?).

I'm not a fan of Animated, I much prefer the Universe line, but seeing TF lines diminish is sad. The more, the better, I feel. So if it gets shifted to Universe, I just hope the general consumer picks up on that and keeps the sales going...
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