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Originally Posted by TFVanguard View Post
On the other hand, supplementing the line with more redecos and re-releases (Universe) would also make sense, and Universe is continuing...
Universe is done after the next wave of deluxes (with Hotshot and Ratchet). There's nothing past that to cancel since everything else is already out.

Originally Posted by TFVanguard View Post
It seems like, to me, Hasbro's wanting to put all their eggs into the movie basket this time with Transformers, but it's still weird.
A fair bit of it may be retailer response, too. The movie stuff sold so well that a few toys that were intended for Universe ended up being sold under the Movie banner instead. The walmart-exclusive deluxe Big Daddy, Crankcase, Fracture, etc., are examples of this, as are some of the Toys R Us exclusives like Mudflap/Erector and not-Tote. So Hasbro may have canceled the last Animated voyagers because retailers simply want new Movie stuff.
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