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I think the general game plan for Universe was always to release a set amount of stuff and then discontinue the line while Hasbro ships Movie 2 stuff, and then re-evaluate continuing Universe as the catch-all line after the movie line tapers off.

EDIT: Also, the last wave of Universe Deluxes is probably already shipping to distribution centers by now, making it too late to cancel. The Animated Voyagers were only at the announcement / solicitation stage, meaning they may not have even started mass production.
Maybe. I know that was the plan, as of last BotCon, for Universe, but they've backed away from it now. The evasiveness at Toy Fair was pretty bizzare, even for Hasbro.

Normally, even when Hasbro (or other companies) just outright screw up, I can generally figure out what they were thinking. This time I'm completely at a loss. They may be putting all their eggs into the movie basket, but it seems awfully soon to do that. I think we're missing a pretty big data point here, and I'm not sure what it is.
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