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I find it hard to believe that the Arcee and Soundwave that were just announced won't be released. It just doesn't make sense to announce it at a big convention, and then cancel the whole shebang a week or so later.

BBTS cancels pre-orders all the time, it doesn't mean the toys never come out. When the Encore minibot set came out I pre-ordered it and then got an email telling me the pre-order was canceled, for no real reason. The toys still came out though....

As far as stores no longer stocking them, I can say this is not true. I just came back from San Diego, and I stopped at all most every single wal*mart and Target from there to central CA, about 7 in total. At all of them they had just stocked the shelves and had tons of Waspinator, Samurai Prowl, and the black repaint Megs. I also saw no silver stickers or anything on any pegs.

Maybe there won't be anymore coming up, but I doubt they will just junk the toys already planned and manufactured. Just my two cents.
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