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Originally Posted by RID Scourge View Post
Hopefully I can find Samurai Prowl and Shockwave (still haven't found him).
They didn't have any of Shockwave (though they did have LOTS of the twins), but they did have a ton of Samurai Prowl. If they still have it Monday, when I go next, and you haven't managed it yet, I'll snag you one and you can just repay me with paypal or something.

Originally Posted by Ackula
Maybe there won't be anymore coming up, but I doubt they will just junk the toys already planned and manufactured. Just my two cents.
Well, they've done it before, but the only three lines I know of specific figures were Action Masters, G2 and Beast Machines, and they were considered pretty substantial failures. I had thought that Animated was doing well, though. Certainly I would have figured it had more long-term support than Universe...
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