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Originally Posted by Treadshot A1 View Post
Yep, there's some crazy people out there.

1: Last year's set was a record? I guess the "till all are gone' motto actually meant the box sets.

2: Who wants this year's set? J/K

3: Who's Pete Sinclair?
1: honestly think there is plemty of wiggle-room in this statement. TFCC exclusives can shelf-warm for years. random statements that don't quantify are usless. production vs. sales numbers, anyone?

2. umm, I'll pass. maybe as and when the botcon things get round to using animated? Please don't hurt me for saying that.

3. same bloke who released the sunstreaker/classics info through tfcc. bloke on the far left here (i couldn't tell if you were being sarcastic, so i assumed not and ran with it)
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