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What, exactly, did Michael Bay do to you that makes it okay for you to go around saying what you did? Serious question.
He made a film I hated And I voiced my displeasure about it. I didn't attack Bay personally. I didn't call him names. I simply stated my hatred of the Transformers film and made a joke about how terrible it would be if he decided to introduce Masterforce elements into the franchise.

Okay with giving it but have trouble taking it? You didn't like his film? Bully for you, feel free to have a pop at it. But you decided to make a few broadbrush accusations while you were at it, simultaneously showing yourself to be somewhat lacking in knowledge about Transformers yourself.
The only "Accusation" I made was that he didn't seem to know anything about Transformers. Plenty of people have said the exact same thing. It's merely my opinion and I apologise if it came off as being offensive. And again, I'm sorry about getting the name of the Masterforce anime wrong. I forgot which of the anime series featured human piloted transformers. My bad.

You didn't like Bay's film, and had a go at him. I didn't like your idiotic, ill-informed fanboy spewings, and had a go at you. It's really that simple, with the slight difference that I didn't effectively do it behind your back, thus giving you a chance to answer the charge.
I was not trying to have a go at Micheal Bay, but rather his take on Transformers. It's hardly a crime to have a negative opinion of the Transformers film is it? if so an awful lot of TF fans are guilt of the exact same thing. I didn't feel there was any need for you to insult me personally just for not liking Micheal Bay's work.

I don't want to start a fight here because, frankly, this is a really stupid thing to fight about. I'm sorry if my dislike for Micheal Bay's films has somehow offended you personally. (That might come off as sounding sarcastic but I will state, for the record, that it is not meant to)

I will not, however, apologise for disliking something. The whole point of these forums is for fans to trade opinions about various aspects of the Transformers franchise. I don't think personal insults are neccessary. If you had a problem with what I said about Micheal Bay you could have said so without calling me an idiot or ignorant. It seems reasonable to me that two fans can disagree on something civilly.
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