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A week of random for me.

First, Machine Dolphin from Godaikin... A weird, weird toy from a weird, weird TV show. I've wanted one for a while simply because the thing's so bizarre, and been outbid on a couple of examples that went for silly money. I got this one piecemeal for around a third of the going rate, albeit in dodgy condition and missing parts. I'm kinda glad it worked out that way...

Then there's the Tomy Scramble Combination Ideon... As far as I know, this completes my Tomy Ideon collection (though I've heard there's another mid-size diecast out there), aside from the vinyls. It's pretty awful, to be honest - very cheap plastic and very poor QC on top of that, which is a shame as Tomy's other figures have a kind of amiable ineptitude to them, rather than this careless ineptitude.

Finally, I got a HCM Hi-Zack from Zeta Gundam dirt cheap. It's a Zaku with silly flares and random yellow pipes, and thus not brilliant in itself, but my Gundams needed someone to beat up.

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