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I picked up the Star Wars Dark Empire II comic 2-pack last night, consisting of Emperor Palpatine Clone, and Luke Skywalker. Very cool set, and very accurate to their comic book appearances. The Palpatine clone even has the weird bubbly skin underneath his cloak! This Luke looks so much better than the old expanded universe figure that came out about 10 years or so ago, very articulate..
Not crazy about Palps, but that is without a doubt the best Luke figure ever made. Really diggin that. I'm on a search myself for the All White Vader with Leia two pack. In general (as with the GI Joes) the two packs tend to be more interesting than the individual figures, although I do like the IG 86 and Magna Droid currently out.

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Rorschach figure (
The Regular or Variant Version?

For myself, I just got the GL Uniform version of Sinestro. WIll prolly do a review in the near future.

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