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Action Figure Spotlight: Star Wars The Fett Legacy Collection

One of the latest additions to my Star Wars collection was the Fett Legacy Collection, featuring 2 of the coolest characters in science fiction history that had quite possibly the dumbest deaths on screen. When first introduced in 1978 and subsequently touted to be a “major character” in the next Star Wars movie (which would be The Empire Strikes Back), Boba Fett started off with the most prolific introduction that would become steeped in shadows- he was as mysterious as the shadow, not much dialogue or interaction, but he was damn cool. Fans embraced him wholeheartedly, but it wasn’t till almost 20 years after his introduction that we started getting a little backstory on who exactly this silent bounty hunter was and where his origins started…

Mandalore The Indomitable
The only original figure in the collection, Mandalore is part of the expanded universe in Star Wars mythology- he was one of the first leaders of the Mandalorian Soldiers- a group of soldiers who have gone toe to toe with just about everyone in the galaxy, Sith and Jedi included. Upon first examination, Mandalore has an almost Tusken Raider quality to him, especially in the actual suit- there are no apparent armor plates as we see on Jango or Boba, aside from the shoulder armor, which is connected to the mask via breathing tubes. Pretty much the only connecting trait to the present day Mandalorian is the faceplate- the T-shaped visor that has so singularly defined the very visage of the Mandalorian himself. Of course, being thousands of years old, Mandalore is not adorned with blaster rifles or state of the art equipment; he bears 3 accessories- a hand axe, a staff, and a shield. He also bears a completely cloth cape, which does not appear to be removable. The axe and staff feature molded straps for carrying purposes; only problem is that you can only put these on the left arm as the shoulder plate attaches to the figure via a strap under the right arm, which prohibits a bit of movement and the inclusion of any weapons. The kilt isn’t removable, either, which limits positioning. One neat little trick I found with Mandalore is that, if you want to use both the axe and staff at the same time, you can adhere the shield to the back of his shoulder plate, which bears a hole big enough to fit the handle of the shield in. Lasting thoughts: a very cool figure; nice to see the expanded universe getting some love from Hasbro, which they have been consistently doing since ROTS.

Jango Fett
And here comes Papa Fett in as much detail and articulation that you can possibly imagine for a 3 ¾” Figure. Although I don’t remember Jango having such a purple suit underneath the armor plates (for some reason, I thought it was more bluish) the detail on every part of his body is amazing. First off, you get a removable helmet, which you can then replace with the headset apparatus (goes double for Boba). Arms and legs are completely articulate, holsters and belt are non-removable, but that’s not a bad thing- they don’t hamper leg or hip movement as the kilts on some of the other figures do. One cool little oddity I noticed is that both the gauntlets have 2 wires running from the underside onto a ring right above the elbow joints. They do impede a bit on arm movement, but it’s very little. The downside on this guy is that his jetpack just won’t stay on- very loose fitting.

Boba Fett
Now, I may be totally wrong on this, but I’m fairly certain this is the first Boba figure that has ever come out with a removable helmet, and just on that detail alone, I rate him the best of the lot, so let’s take the downside first- like Papa, his jetpack does not stay on- you really have to jam it in there to keep it attached. The upside? Just about everything. Boba’s armor has the distinct “battle damage” to it in the way of the helmet dent, scratched off paint, and an overall “grungyness” flavor to just about everything, including the rear cloth piece that is attached to his shoulder. The wookie pelt braid is very distinct, as is the belt with pouches that also features a holster for a hand pistol. He comes with his trademark sawed-off that has a bit of detail unto itself- it captures that “used” feeling for a guy who has seen lots of action across the galaxy. The sawed off also has a molded strap that can be fitted underneath either shoulder plate if you just want to use the hand pistol. When the helmet is removed, you see a scarred face in white bandages (possibly a nod to his return from the Sarlacc in the Bounty Hunter Wars Trilogy when Dengar nursed him back to health?) Also like Dad is the tube running from the gauntlet to a ring around his elbow, only Boba has this on his right arm. The paint detail is also incredible- they managed to get the symbol on the upper right corner of the chest plate as well as the red Mandalorian symbol on the left shoulder plate. Truly a great figure.

Overall, I’m finding that the Legacy line is really worth the money. I believe I spent somewhere in the area of $20 for this set, and it’s cool for those collectors who like to zero in on one particular character such as Boba Fett and company. As much as I can’t stand re-treads in any toy line, I reserve that judgement in this case simply because of the amount of effort Hasbro put into designing and updating this particular set.

Overall Scores:

Articulation: 10- Both Jango and Boba have a swivel on the lower torso area that rivals GI Joe. And that is just ONE feature in addition to most of the joints, which not only bend, but swivel as well (feet, hands, head, knees, elbows, and thighs).

Detail: 9- Mandalore is very pedestrian in a Tusken sort of way, but he still gets points as well as his descendents. Boba and Jango’s costumes are as real as a toy can get in comparison to what we saw on screen. Also, Mandalore’s cape fits him well- gives him a very regal look that contrasts to the Tusken clothing.

Price: About $20, given the single new figure and updates of established figures, I say it’s worth it just to see the face under Boba’s helmet.

Accessories: Each figure came with at least 3, including helmets, headgear, and classic battle gear.

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