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Recently got a couple of Gobots: Renegade Spoiler and some brown variation of Wierd Wing.
That's probably a Japanese version - IIRC, Devil Satan 6 had slightly changed colours to Monsterous, a bit more pastel-y and less cartoony. And for some reason I really like Spoiler's arms.

HCM Zeta Gundam - I think I'm just going to have to admit that the Zeta simply doesn't work at 1/144. This is more straightforward than the Chogokin version, but looks nowhere near as good in either mode, and has even less articulation. I didn't pay much for it on the upside, but will probably be moving it on when I've reviewed it.

Gobots Mach-3 - finally completes my standard Gobots collection, up until now I've only owned the European and Japanese versions.
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