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I honestly find the whole thing weird. For starters they're going to discount stores meaning that the profit margins are heavily reduced, if they're anything like discount stores here.
You're forgetting that quite a bit of the actual cost of producing these figures have long since been paid. Besides, for Hasbro, it keeps names, trademarks, etc, in circulation without it impacting a major line.

Second of all, Cybertron hasn't been gone that long- not long enough to prompt reissues of it just yet.
Three, closing in on four, years. That's a frickin' eternity for toylines.

Third and finally the figures are still floating around it seems from what's been said.
As the previous printing of the figures in the same stores. This is just replenishing stock that is selling in new packaging. They're not meant to be huge-draw items for collectors or middle-to-high income families. These just discount stuff for people who are buying discount stuff and want to get some decent toys on the cheap for their kids.

Forget about fans complaining- this doesn't even make decent marketting sense. They'd have been better off reissuing the likes of the Spychangers or Minicon Teams.
Yeah, 'cause neither the Spychangers or Minicons have been released many many times and quite recently.
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