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For the record though...I thought that even before I read Defiance. I also note that Soundwave's head design also looks Decepticon I'm wondering if there is some sort of connection between Soundwave and The Fallen. Probably not, but just a thought.
Soundwave's head resembling the Decepticon insignia is kind of obligatory, considering the original Decepticon logo was based on G1 Soundwave's face, just as the original Autobot insignia was based on G1 Prowl's face.

The ROTF homepage currently has a link to the music video for "New Divide", which contains several clips from the film, including a closeup of the Fallen's face. If you look carefully, you may notice that beneath his "Decepticon insignia" are the facial features of a human skull; teeth, nasal cavities, pronounced optical orbitals, etc.
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