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Originally Posted by borg72 View Post
loving the rattrap homage (someone else pointed out that 'slobberpuss' - 'chopperface' thing).

and i love it anytime a transformer uses anything approaching mature language, but thats just the yorkshireman in me.
I agree with you on that one and I'm from the deep south, Alabama to be exact (and proud of it)
I think all transformer fans want to see it go more mature, and dare I say have more balls. Not only is it cool but it makes them real and grounded, and Bay knows this. It's the same case with Watchmen, most super heroes are all goody two shoes and are perfect, but in Watchmen they do very bad things and some are very bad people with very troubled pasts and hard lives, thats what makes Watchmen The movie fell so real. It's not just what you see and hear but what you feel that makes you enjoy a film. I think bay does this pretty well in ROTF. Great example wheelie, what was he in G1? He was a little bot that rhymed every other word and was something a kid could relate to. Now fast forward 23 years what is he now. He's a hyper little bugger that thinks megan fox is hot who gets get the crap scared out of him Very easily and he seams like a 1930's ganster from new york to me.
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