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Default Unofficial Toy Upgrades/Accessories - new heads, weapons, labels, armour etc. for official releases

Hopefully Nevermore and the other News mods/admins can excuse my initiative but since there have just been so many accessories for Universe 2.0, Animated, and the Movie, I figured that a specialized thread is needed to keep track of all these buggers.

To start, TFC is coming out with another accessory for Universe 2.0 Optimus Prime and/or Henkei Convoy.

TFC-005 Gear of War 2 and TFC-002 ALL SPK USB port (glowy action)
Credit: Shin Densetsu of TFW2005

edit by Denyer:

I'm going to suggest having one thread for unofficial upgrade parts, and starting new threads for entirely original 'inspired by' new figures.

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