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SPOILER! (select to read)
The thing where jetfire and prmie's mode looks like the powerloader from Aliens is confirmed. and a chunk of it gets shot off by the fallen and prime just rips the rest off like an overcoat or something and just tosses it aside. WFT Prime he was your friend!! What did he do to desirve such treatment!?! when you died in G1 they put you on a nice little table and and held your hand and all the jazz. I understand your in the heat of battle and all but thats just nuts man,err man bot, err I'm gonna shut up now.

EDIT: 2nd doulbe post in 5 mins. I really need to look before I post. I'm gonna hit my head on the wall some more now if ya'll don't mind.

EDIT: DAMN!!! I had a Triple post above!! thats it time to start looking.
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Originally Posted by The PS3 KILLeR View Post
I couldn't figure out how to start a new thread so i'll just post it here.

A guy at claims to have seen the movie and confirms some of the things that wonkimus major said about the one in japan. It was a UK showing where you had to win tickets or something.
SPOILER! (select to read)

= very good
= meh we'll see
= not too good
what the hell were you thinking Bay!!

1:Soundwave doesn't transform, but he does poke out his head, and he has the same voice as G1 megatron.
2:sideways is in robot mode for like 4 seconds and then he transforms.
3:the repaints are in there for sure.
4: the blackout repaint in the woods has a little diffrent head than blackout but still has no name.
5:sideways does get cut in half, from grill to tail-lights, by sideswipe.
6: jetfire does die.
Now the new stuff he said
7: Jolt has 5 seconds of film at most.
8: Jolt just comes out of nowhere with Ratchet in the middle of the movie.
9: Jolt has electro hands like a sith lord.
10: Prime transforms from Robot to truck finally.
11: simmons kills devastator, easily.
12: Sam dies (WTF can't be true)
13: megatron and mixmaster are triple changers.
14: alice transforms.

Best lines in the film
the twins;
1: skids" ow that hurt." mudflap" It's an ass kicking, it's supposed to."
2:" maybe he's just a pussy"
3: (when they see devastator)"look at that mother f-*BANG*-er.
1: I'm getting too old for this crap."
2: ( when hanger doors won't open) " OH bollocks!"

thats all he said that was worth reporting. sounds great.
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