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Originally Posted by HeavyArms View Post
Bought Terminator: Salvation (PS3) about a week ago returned it a week later. I knew it was gonna be bad I just wanted the trophies.

Bought Resident Evil 4 (WII) because my PS2 version doesn't work any more.

Also bought at different times of the month, Prototype (X360), Red Faction: Guerilla (PS3) and InFamous (PS3).

Will buy Ghostbusters (PS3) and Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen (X360) next week.
Not sure about anything else.

I'll get the Resident Evil 1 (WII) probably this month, if not next month.
I'd sugest getting Ghostbusters for the 360. A freind of mine has it for ps3 and he has problems like crazy for it. Like I stated before I have it for 360 and it works fine and looks great too. Now if you look at my name you can kinda guess I hate Ps3's but with InFamous I just might have to cough up the money for it this christmas. It looks so good!! Now please excuse me while I whip myself because I just went agianst the holy microsoft. Yeah i'm a big fan-boy, and that should be enough to show you ps3 owners what you've got. but at least we've still got Crackdown 1+2, all 6 halos, both gearsof wars, both left 4deads, Alan wake, project natal, splinter cell 5,mass effect 1+2,Dead rising 1+2 ( the wii version doesn't count.),...yeah gonna stop there. point is you've got a great game that we won't steal, so soak it up it desirves it. Also I loved the gameplay in terminator, I just rented it. I'm gonna wait till it goes down to 20 bucks or less. check us out!!!
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