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Originally Posted by HeavyArms View Post
It came out over here, I don't know if they changed anything, and I don't care as I don't have any intention on ever getting it.

Also, can anyone give me a opinion or review on Uncharted 1?
I might be think ing of something else but I think the reason it was banned/edited was because your rating system only goes up 15+.

Like I said before i'm an xbot, but I do know when sony has a good game and Uncharted is one of them, i've played it at a friend's house and it's great not as good as gears of war in tearms of style ond action, but since it's only 30 bucks here I'd say pick it up cheap price great game. the 2nd one just might make me buy a Ps3, but i'll just say it's a blu-ray player and I don't have any games for it. I'll keep the games in my GTA IV safty box and hide it somewhere. I whouldn't want the xbox gods to know about my secret love affair with a PS3(don't take me out of context .)

EDIT:God i'm a nutcase! just re-read my post I need some serious help anybody got the name of a good shrink? check us out!!!
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