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Yeah, well being that I listen to some of the most "unpopular" music there is, I'm not too fussed. At my age I am just glad they give the older bands any time of day at all, and truthfully some of the songs on Guitar Hero were very underground and obscure in their time, and I find it a huge shock some bands make it on this game. Case in point with Samhain and Merciful Fate for instance.

I used to bitch and moan about what was popular too when I was in Junior High School, and part of the way through High School. At some point you just realize that some shit will always be popular and some never will be, or if it is it will be so far in the future that you will no longer care about the genre by the time it gets mainstream (which is what seems to have happened to me many times). Good music is good music, whether 1 person or 10 billion likes it, all that matters is what you like. I realized that once I grew up a bit. I'm sure people here would be shocked to hear of some of the "popular" stuff I like, along with tons of bands most of you have never heard of, and never will most likely.

I can live with the broad spectrum of genres on the GH games, and can even have fun playing those that I'd never actually buy CDs of. The game designers have to balance a wide selection of songs, and obviously the more well known or popular songs of any band will be more prone to show up on there. Unless of course you are Anthrax, I'm not sure why the hell "Caught In A Mosh" got chosen over most of their other stuff.

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