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Samhain is in GH Smash Hits? I should check it out. I like Caught In A Mosh, too.

I planned on buying ROTF, but wasn't sure I'd get it when it came out. I don't have the money to spend on it, and I live 15-20 miles from anywhere. (I don't drive.) But, I managed. It's definitely better than the first game. Your guns work, and they work pretty well. The new transformation controls are... not intuitive, I guess, they take some getting used to.The graphics are on par with the first one. I'm a ways into the Autobot campaign, and there aren't any human enemies *there are in the decepticon campaign. There's no Sideswipe, Skids, or Mudflap, I don't know if they're unlockable, or just absent. Like Ratchet in '07. Speaking of unlockables, they've put in some complete episodes of G1 for us. I've got 2, and they are S.O.S. Dinobots and War of the Dinobots, and Fire on the Mountain is next. hm. Dinobots. Anyway, I've tried a little multiplayer, A vs. D, and it's pretty fun. More so than what I've played of the campaign mode. Game types are standard: deathmatch, team, capture the flag, you know.
Overall, nothing special, in my opinion. But a solid game. The inclusion of G1 episodes are but G1 (or any other) playable characters would be better, but there's always DLC.

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