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Barring any horrific financial disasters(the way things have been going, who knows what the week will bring), I'll probably get the RotF DS Decepticons game on Friday.

I'm gonna hope it's set up differently than the Autobots game. "Hey, we're in the middle of a war, we could come under Decepticon attack at any moment and our human allies could get blown to bloody pulp. Let's have a friendly race!" I can kind of forgive the first one(Bumblebee vs Sideswipe) because it's early in the game, and you can come up with the excuse of the Decepticons don't seem to be organized. But the Prime/Ironhide race....... sheesh. My other annoyance with this game is you have to complete the challenge missions(of which these stupid races seem to be an integral part) to advance through the game.

Fortunately, I can't see the Decepticons in "friendly" races.

There is only one race in the Decepticon version, Between Barricade and Sideways. But there are several more timed run scenarios where your racing along trying to collect energon cubes.

Some of the challenges get rediculous later on... the one I'm on now seams to me as they didn't even playtest it to find out if what they want me to do is even possible...

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