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Well, picked up the RotF Decepticons game.

A good way to describe it so far is "amazingly underwhelming". I had figured they'd gotten Frank Welker for Megs and, logically, Soundwave. If that's him doing Soundwave, somebody royally screwed up on the voice flanging. The opening part of it identical to the Autobot version.

Of course, I was also hoping for air-based missions........ On the up side, the first mission map looks different. Gonna have to restart, though. If there's timed missions, the heavy, hulking body-type's gonna suck out. Maybe I'll give the little body a try. I'm using the medium one in the Autobots game, and with stat tweaking and lots of dodging, I've been able to do fine. Up until the mission I'm stuck on, anyway. Stupid Decepticon electro-fireball cannon things.......

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