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Ok forget about just getting a new game this week, I just got a new system.
Now this is gonna sound stupid because of my name, but I got a PS3 2 days ago. I still don't like the system that much, but the games are what made me shell out $400 to get one.
I got..
1: Metal gear solid 4. It's a must buy, great long game, for only $30! 5/5
2: Resistance: Fall of man. Great FPS nice action. But the one thing I hate the most about it is that the 1st level is so hard, even on easy. There is no health recharge system to be had at all untill the 2nd level. But the rest makes up for it. 4.9/5
3: Little BIG Planet: I love it!! It's so fun, great gameplay. and the fact that it came free, along with Wall*E on Blu-ray, in my PS3 bundle makes me love it more. 5/5
4: HAZE. Now i'm a big fan of FPS's and army of two, but I guess when you put the two together it sucks. It looks like a game stuck between a high end xbox game and lowend 360 game, and I was playing in 720p! Which is the only supported HD output. now I bet your thinking where did he get army of two from? well your "buds" or "bros" in the first part of the game have that same kind of "Yo bro, wht up" style to them but it's taken too far over the edge, and it makes it cheezy and dumb. Haven't finished it yet but as of right now i'd whould not suggest this to a friend. 1.5/5
As of right now i'm very happy with what I have got and I whould suggest everybody that doesn't have MGS4 to drop $430 on it ASAP. It's worth it, and you get a free Blu-ray player too.

Also can anyone suggest a good PS3 game to me? As I am new to the system I have no clue what to buy, EX:HAZE. I will only be buying PS3 only games on the PS3, if it's on both PS3 and 360 i'll get the 360 one. I know Uncharted is great it's the reason I got a PS3 so I'll get it soon but I'm just wondering about the others, like Killzone2, inFAMOUS, Resistance2, Ratchet and clank Future, and etc. check us out!!!
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