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at Martyrboy. Nope. Just seen, or heard of way too many trilogies (Jurassic Park, Ace Ventura, Species, Mimic to name a few). And wanting the third installment of Transformers to go well, but wondering secretly how they will piece this together besides Megs escaping and what comes next, which sort of characters they will use for more villians, etc. Heck, even reading mangas where they want to rush the endings and the endings are kinda downers since they built up so much to a climax, then it comes rushing downhill and kinda disappointing. Thus why I am truly amazed why some of the best science fiction movies have never been made (and there is a book called just that too). The only thing going for the franchise is the name. Regardless of how it turns out, like I have stated, I will go see the film. Mainly because it is a family film, and it helps bridge the young uns coming up to the generation who grew up watching the cartoons. I really think these films, including GI Joe, instill better character into children than other types of films that are purely about gruesome dismemberment as the subject material. At least these films are about courage, honor, and fighting the good fight. And then wondering when Megatron will finally decide to just squish humans, like Sam, instead of playing with his food so to speak.

p.s. thanks for bringing up figures, got me hooked on using this nifty site to sate my curiosity on movie earnings figures, even if the rating system seems a bit off, still interesting to see different films i am thinking of and their gross earnings.

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